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MRL Enterprises

Let us put a little light in your life. Use our recycled bottles to add some creativity to your decor. We repurpose everyone’s favorite wine and liquor bottles to make accent lights, night lights, and hummingbird feeders. We’ve repurposed license plate letters into signs that would look great in a kitchen, man cave, diva den.. Read More

Magpie’s Trick

Handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry inspired by nature and old-world sensibilities. On a cloudy day, many years past, two magpies met and became companions. Keen thievery and trickery brought myriad treasures to the capricious magpies’ hoard…treasures they used in curious and remarkable ways. Won’t you peer into the magpies’ keep?

In a Pickle Foods

From the first crunch to the last, in a pickle Original starts out sweet and ends with a spicy splendiferous finale! Right out of the jar or as the “secret ingredient” in tasty recipes, in a pickle will leave your taste buds zinging and your mouth singing for more. With this pickled perfection bottled in.. Read More

Allen Moore Metal Work

  Metal Sculpture, Knife and Spurmaking, Mixed Media Assemblages, Jewelry, Recycled Materials, Fire Pits. Repurposed and reimagined art and items for the home and garden. Ask about Custom designs Award winning Salado artist with an affinity for mixed media metal assemblages. He is currently being jurried at the State level for the 2016 Texas Art.. Read More

ArcheoModern Designs

Glass, Silk and Metal are three elements that have withstood the test of time from ancient art to the modern world. These materials and the techniques used to create beautiful objects from them were developed thousands of years ago and are still used today.