Schoenig Art

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Our pieces range from large to small flowers, 2 –d and 3-d metal paintings, figures, critters, and whatever seems to jump out of the metal from our imaginations. The Wonderland-esque flowers are created with various materials such as recycled steel, stainless steel, bronze, glass, rock, and precious stones. They have been called Jewelry for the Home. Some stand as high as an average adult! They may be displayed as a beautiful piece of sculpture standing inside the home or out of doors.

Along with the gorgeous flowers, we have critters, figures, and metal art paintings created from metal canvases. We use white smithing to create each piece by hand. The paintings also have elements such as steel, copper, glass, stone, inks, etc embedded in them. Various treatments are applied to the metal to create these vivid one of a kind pieces of Art. We believe in creating beautiful artwork that inspires and promotes positivity.

Have a fun, wonderous, and peace filled day!