Poteet Country Winery

Poteet Country Winery brings new appeal to fruit wines. With the fruit wine industry falling into the cheap wine cliche, we  aim at proving the majority wrong: High quality wines can be made from fruit.  All our wines are made from local fruits and grapes,  not blended or flavored. We pride ourselves on high quality full-bodied wines that did not have to travel thousands of miles to get to our front door. Texas proud, we keep our wines Texas made with Texas fruits and grapes only.  We guarantee you will not find anything but high quality wines here.
Being the only winery south of San Antonio, we reward our customers for making the long trip with free wine tastings. We are a small, family owned and operated winery. While here you will note that we are not your typical winery, as we showcase what  “country simple” life is all about. Most of the decor, including the winery and store, are a part of Texas history and date back to the 1800’s. On your visit we will be glad to tell you the history of the place and maybe a little history of the small town of Poteet, TX.   Visitors can can also get a feel for the farm and ranch life as the winery and general store are on a running functional farm/ranch. If you see a stray cow in the parking lot, you just might be in the right place.
Poteet Country Winery is not just a winery, it is a true representation of South Texas History.

Wine Tastings 2015 : Strawberry Wine, Blackberry Sweet Reserve, Strawberry Sweet Reserve.

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