Vintage Milestone Gifts

Vintage Milestone Gifts offers a unique selection of custom wine and gift bags in a vast assortment of different colors and patterns – we have something for everyone!

“pieces of me” art by alderman

Fiber, Paper, EarthInspired by travel and living abroad, “pieces of me” is a collection of my expressions of life. A conglomeration of the people i meet , and the things my minds eye holds captive is translated to canvas and photo print in a abstract manner. texture is key to the way my art takes form. i continue to explore the expression of life in my own unique way. Enjoy!

MorzArt Originals

Paige, TX

Unique sculptural works and cleverly framed photography. One of a kind pieces, all original never duplicated.

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Texas Hills Vineyard

A winery that makes wine from Texas fruit (after all we have Texas in our name), been open for business for the last 10.92 years (10 years in April) and proud to have helped Texas get to a point that we can be proud of our Texas wines. When you name wines like “Kick Butt Cab”, it has to be good.

2012 Texas Hills will be pouring: Volare, Merlot, Sangiovese, & Toro de Tejas

2011 Texas Hills poured: Volare, Pinot Grigio, & 07 Kick Butt Cab

2010 Texas Hills poured: Kick Butt Cab, Pinot Grigio, & Volare

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Amber Crimmings

I am a local Artist, originally from Dallas, that enjoys working with a variety of subjects and mediums. I currently work out of Killeen, TX and am a proud spouse of an Army soldier! Painting and drawing for me is a fantastic journey; one that does not always have a specific destination, but evolves and many times ends up in a better place for it, much like life itself. I find it exhilarating that the placement of pigments, shadows, and lines can bring a 2D piece of canvas or paper to life and invoke an emotional response from those who view it.  For more images, visit my website at

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Lisa Grant Studio

I am the third generation in my family to pursue a career in the Arts. My work is defined as 2 dimensional mixed media collage. I incorporate vintage and handmade papers, found objects, plaster, clay, acrylics and original poetry. As you look through the gallery you will see that I use traditional canvases and wood as my background of my work. You will also see the use of vintage and found pieces as my canvas to create.

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Emotional Baggage Co.

Emotional Baggage’s (EB) founder, John Paul Porter, had a vision of incorporating “green” with “stylish” accessories and clothes.

The bags and clothes feature re-claimed or re-purposed fabrics that have been turned into functional, one-of-a-kind items by combining materials and embellishments in a new manner.

There is more to EB than just John Paul! John Paul harnesses the power of an exceptional design and production team. The team consists of a group of artists in their own right who take the conceptual ideas John Paul brings to the table and breathes life into them creating one-of-a-kind pieces that have a history as unique as your own. Callie Moore, Linda Leening, and Patty Credeur are the first three artists to join this elite group.

EB’s unique approach to design mimics John Paul’s view that we continually reinvent ourselves by developing new skills or embracing our talent and uniqueness.

Your EB is as unique as you–carry it proudly!

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FLAUNT Jewelry

FLAUNT is handcrafted jewelry using only the finest materials with a focus on vintage coins from around the world. We blend semi-precious stones, pearls, world currency, sterling silver, gold, and Swarovski crystals. Each piece is refreshingly unique.

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Henna Arts and Crafts

Henna Tattoo, hand made jewelry, cotton hand bags and various craft items

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Kerian’s Fine Art

I am known mostly for my shoe paintings, chair paintings, animals and my flair for pop surrealism in the art that I do. I can create artwork that is quirky yet masterfully done.
I’d like to think there’s a strong link to humanity in all that I do, but I’d rather the viewer decide how it makes them feel, than to really label it’s meaning. You cannot predict the emotion a song emotes only that one will feel something from it. It’s the same with art. I can explain my art, but really at the end of the day, it’s what you take away from it that matters, not what I say. And hopefully it’s something that will make you smile.
-Kerian Babbitt (Massey)
Checks payable to Kerian Massey
phone: 903-469-3989

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