Schade Tree Band

Enjoy music by Schade Tree Band from 2-4pm Sunday March 25th.

Serenada Hill

Michael, Julie, & Pat perform at the Salado Wine Seller every 2nd Saturday of the month. Come enjoy their music from 12-2:30pm Saturday March 24th.

The Spicewood Food Company

Spicewood Foods - Spicewood Texas

A great line of gourmet balsamic vinegar’s, infused olive oils and white Truffle


Andrea McLester

Blue-Confetti-Vase-PC-copySalado Artist Andrea McLester creates a variety of items using flameworked and reclaimed glass, various metals, and found objects. Her work can be seen at

Schoenig Art

schoenigartbrochureSchoenig Art

Our pieces range from large to small flowers, 2 –d and 3-d metal paintings, figures, critters, and whatever seems to jump out of the metal from our imaginations. The Wonderland-esque flowers are created with various materials such as recycled steel, stainless steel, bronze, glass, rock, and precious stones. They have been called Jewelry for the Home. Some stand as high as an average adult! They may be displayed as a beautiful piece of sculpture standing inside the home or out of doors.

Along with the gorgeous flowers, we have critters, figures, and metal art paintings created from metal canvases. We use white smithing to create each piece by hand. The paintings also have elements such as steel, copper, glass, stone, inks, etc embedded in them. Various treatments are applied to the metal to create these vivid one of a kind pieces of Art. We believe in creating beautiful artwork that inspires and promotes positivity.

Have a fun, wonderous, and peace filled day!

Henna Arts
Henna Body Art, Dresses from India, saree, bindi, scarves, colorful hand made home decorations, crafts and authentic jewelry

Blue Timber Wood Studio

Dedicated to designing and producing segmented wood and turned wood art. We specialize in open forms (bowls, vases, plates and cups) as well as lidded boxes turned on a lathe and custom made ball point and fountain pens. We use a variety of domestic hardwoods such as ash, maple, mesquite, oak and walnut to produce our artwork. The majority of our domestic hardwoods are harvested in North Texas, in particular Dallas and Tarrant counties. We also use exotic woods such as Padauk, Purple Heart, Amboyna, Afzelia, Mahogany and Teak that are obtained from a variety of countries around the globe. All of our art pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations that focus on using woodcraft to provide beautiful as well as functional objects.

Three Sisters Traveling Arts & Crafts

tstasHand made aprons and other cooking and clothing accessories.

Wrap Its

Wrap-Its-Logo ENTRÉE’S

KISS IT; is our European influence chicken pita wrap, embedded in layers of chopped lettuce. Topped with our seasoned cream sauce. Every bite is exploring new and delicious adventures. Welcome to the new world of healthy eating with zero compromises in flavor! $6.50

BLAST IT; is our jalapeno beef/lamb pita wrap, embedded in layers of chopped lettuce and smothered in our seasoned cream sauce. This wrap will launch those who eat it into another world smiling all the way! $7.50

Cucumber/tomato salad; our refreshing cucumber and tomato salad is always in high demand. Marinating in our very popular dressing, this flavor always wins! $2.00

Orange effervescence bubbly water (sugar free) $1.00 Bottled spring water $1.00

Emma Grace TuTu Place

emma-grace-tutu-024Children’s Handmade Tutus, bows and shirts. All tutus and shirts come in a variety of vibriant colors.