Barbara Francis Pottery

Barbara Francis has been creating stoneware and raku pottery for the last 30 years. She began in college, in 1979, and continued taking pottery classes at community colleges and art centers for several years.

Barbara is inspired by natural forms and textures such and leaves and spirals. She enjoys detailing her pieces with sgraffitto (carving), and sprigging, (adding pressed pieces). More recently she has begun making unique buttons and jewelry. Barbara Francis 3 (1)

Lumelle Creations

Handmade leather, fabric, wool felt bags and purseswine carriers best

Roby Write

Handcrafted pens, pencils, styluses from natural and manmade materials. RobyWrite@gmail.compen_photo

D.K.’s Art Studio

Painting/ Mixed

Portraits Etc

Joe Friddle.  A transplanted Texan for almost 40 years, Joe was raised on the top of the last mountain in the Smoky Mountain Range in Birmingham, Alabama. Throughout his life Joe has sought ways to share his love for wildlife, the great outdoors, and the importance of strong grass root characters stemming from rural Texas.  Beginning with stylized pencil drawings and portraits and now exploring the freedom of watercolor adds to the nature, Joe incorporates the mediums to join the outdoors and remembrance of time gone by. Whether portraits of old homesteads, historic building structures, still life or other specific portrait requests, there is always a story to tell.  Locally his works can be found at several galleries throughout Texas.


Jazz It

Decorated wine bottles for Porch Torch, Hanging Candle Chimney, Pour spouts for oil or soap & wind chimes, and Candleabaras20140128_13.00.30

Jalapeno Hotline

Choose from either the original “Sweet Smoky”, a unique blend of sweet yet bold smoky pepper without the taste of vinegar, or “Simply Smoky”, with the hotter traditional flavor. This product is gluten free and has no preservatives. (214)-864-5000



EMA Baking Company

product_and_packaging_sm (1)Many years ago, a family friend returned from a trip to Milan with a package of biscotti for us as a gift. They were wonderful and unlike anything we had ever tasted. We hoarded them until they were gone. I was fascinated by the unique flavor of the biscotti, and being interested in cooking myself, I began to do some research on the subject. I came across a recipe credited to a man from Prato in Northern Italy named Datini. For the next fifteen years or so, I experimented with Datini’s recipe. During the holidays, we gave them to family and friends, and they became a staple at our house. I only used the original ingredients of Tuscany which were saffron or anise and almonds. These ingredients represented to me the true origin of the flavor that interested me. I found that the biscotti, which is served in coffee shops in America is lacking in many ways. The texture is usually wrong, and certainly there were no chocolate  chips in Italy 5 or 6 hundred years ago.

Fashion Outlaws

we crochet hats and other finery for all ages. From newborns to geezers, we can make garments that incorporates fashion, comfort and brings out one’s sense of individuality. Basic beanies or art infused toppers, Fashion Outlaws wear brings home the ideal in what it means to want for a less complicated time, when big box stores were not stealing our landscapes and financial stability one community at a time. image11

Gypsyharte Fiber Arts

Felting with the heart is what I do. I have been creating art all my life. Felting wool is my current passion. I get to take wool and fiber; and shape and create it into something new and different. I love making whimsical creatures or stunning scarves. I’m inspired by myth, fairy tales, history and nature. I love colors, textures and textiles. They all have their own voice its wonderful to see them taking shape, morphing, changing, coming to life. I want folks to fall in love with my work as they pick them up, hold them or try them on. I love it when they say “This is amazing!” and “You made this!?”
I begin this heart-felt journey four years ago; and I just want to keep exploring my medium. Wool is universal and ancient, its old and new, its organic and surpasses cultural barriers. I have expanded into the wider world of fiber. I take care to learn about the animals that provide it. I have began cleaning, processing and dyeing wool. I’m exploring traditional wet felting and Nano felting. I have entered various contests; and much to my surprise, won and placed in them. Now, I’m learning to spin! I was blessed with a beautiful studio this year and I’m slowly turning it into an inspiring space to create. It’s not about where I’m taking my art, it’s about where its taking me.

image4 (1)