Category: 2015

  • Pilot Knob Vineyards

    Pilot Knob Vineyard encompasses 112 acres in the Texas Hill Country, just 2.5 miles west of US 183, 14 miles north of Liberty Hill and only 50 miles north of downtown Austin. Pilot Knob sits on the edge of a sweeping ridgeline, overlooking lightly treed rolling hills sloping downward with panoramic hill country views reaching as…

  • Valley Mills Vineyards

    Valley Mills Vineyards

    In the spring of 2007, we planted our first two grapevine varietals on a rocky hillside in Valley Mills, Texas. Our vines flourished in this fossil embedded soil.  In late 2010, we opened our Winery and Tasting room (halfway between Valley Mills and Waco).   We are now growing world class grapes and producing great Texas wines. Wine Tastings 2015 : Sweetheart,…

  • Vino Fresco

    Wine decor and decorative skulls.

  • Roby Write

    Handcrafted pens, pencils, styluses from natural and manmade materials.

  • Portraits Etc

    Joe Friddle.  A transplanted Texan for almost 40 years, Joe was raised on the top of the last mountain in the Smoky Mountain Range in Birmingham, Alabama. Throughout his life Joe has sought ways to share his love for wildlife, the great outdoors, and the importance of strong grass root characters stemming from rural Texas.  Beginning…

  • EMA Baking Company

    Many years ago, a family friend returned from a trip to Milan with a package of biscotti for us as a gift. They were wonderful and unlike anything we had ever tasted. We hoarded them until they were gone. I was fascinated by the unique flavor of the biscotti, and being interested in cooking myself,…

  • Gypsyharte Fiber Arts

    Felting with the heart is what I do. I have been creating art all my life. Felting wool is my current passion. I get to take wool and fiber; and shape and create it into something new and different. I love making whimsical creatures or stunning scarves. I’m inspired by myth, fairy tales, history and…

  • Wicked Whatnots

    Wicked Whatnots

    Jewelry/Altered Art Resin

  • Magpie’s Trick

    Handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry inspired by nature and old-world sensibilities. On a cloudy day, many years past, two magpies met and became companions. Keen thievery and trickery brought myriad treasures to the capricious magpies’ hoard…treasures they used in curious and remarkable ways. Won’t you peer into the magpies’ keep?

  • ArcheoModern Designs

    ArcheoModern Designs

    Glass, Silk and Metal are three elements that have withstood the test of time from ancient art to the modern world. These materials and the techniques used to create beautiful objects from them were developed thousands of years ago and are still used today.