3bs color creations

Hand crafted wooden toys https://www.facebook.com/yourBiz

Traditions Past & Present

Custom Handmade Jewelry http://jewelrybytraditions.com

Zion Serving Stones

Granite lazy susans, serving stones and candles https://zionservingstones.wixsite.com/home

Urbustic & Co

Various Art http://urbustic@gmail.com

Sunshine Sunbeams Glass

Unique artisan glass https://sunshinesunbeams.wixsite.com/mysite

Sheri Wilson Art

Handmade Jewlry, paintings, mixed media art https://www.instagram.com/yourBiz/

Wilson_S- Apples 16×20, 11/13/19, 12:25 PM, 8C, 5118×6311 (2085+3219), 117%, New Curve Sett, 1/20 s, R30.4, G28.5, B48.6

Michelle Yglecias Art

Acrylic on canvas with resin http://Michelleygleciasart.com

Distinctly Dani

Items created from antique flatware https://www.facebook.com/distinctlydani