Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch: A Family Tradition

Jim Henry and his family not only believe in producing the highest quality of olive oil, they believe in doing it the right way. That means sticking to our roots and not forgetting the family traditions and values that got us to where we are today.

Texas Olive Ranch is a family owned business in every sense of the word. Whether it’s Jim’s son Josh, also known as “the wrangler”, running the olive press that results in the finest olive oil in Texas, or Jim out in the orchard caring for the trees with his own two hands. Everything the Henry family does has the end goal of serving you the highest quality olive oil possible. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. We believe our quality is what has grown our small family business to where it is today and is what keeps our loyal customers coming back.

Shieldmaiden Designs

Shieldmaiden Designs is the creative endeavor of Julie Clawson who has taken her passion for making and channeled it into metal and stone. She launched Shieldmaiden Designs in early 2015 as a place to sell her handmade jewelry and décor. Inspired by the stories we tell and the magic of the natural world, her creations shape metal and stone into reflections of those tales and beauty. Drawn to myths and legends, the name Shieldmaiden Designs came from her love of Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, from The Lord of the Rings. The need to create and design items of beauty was her way of breaking free from the Shieldmaiden’s fear of living in a cage and contributing nothing to the world. To that end, she uses her hand (literally just one since she was born missing her lower left arm) to create. From fabricating and soldering jewelry, to carving designs in wax and casting them in silver, to shaping and polishing stones, she involves herself in every step of the jewelry making process. Shieldmaiden Designs has slowly grown over its first year, showcasing in a few venues to great response with many more shows planned for the upcoming year.



Kate’s Wine Jewelry

Beaded necklaces to go over wine bottles

Collage Gifts

painted glassware, decorated bottle stoppers, decorated corkscrews, fruit & cheese trays

Rikki the Riveter

Welding with Horseshoes and other metals.


Vino Fresco

Wine decor and decorative skulls.

bling_skull (1)