Scrummy Munch

Candied Tortilla Chip Snacks-four flavors

Dueamori, LLC

Seasoned Olive Oil

Pop It Like It’s Hot

kettle corn

Sweet B’s

Pre-packaged Texas Fluff Brittle

Sweetie’s Cheesecakes

Sweetie’s Cheesecakes makes premium, individual, cheesecakes, prepacked for sale in a 3″ mason jar.

Sylvia’s Tacos

taco trailer

Happy Pizza

wood fired pizza

Toka Island Grill

Pacific Island Cuisine

Hecho en Queso



Hecho en Queso is a local favorite food truck, serving homemade Mexican fusion fare. We’re pretty sure they’ll be one of your new favorites as well. Their unique take on tacos and other standard Mexican food will surprise you!