Rising Star Vineyards


We’re the sort of people that you describe, when you’re being polite, as “individuals”. We do tend to go our own way, so I guess it isn’t surprising that our labels are a little bit different, too. Okay, okay, so maybe they’re a lot different, but we wanted something you were likely to recognize when you saw it a second time. We think we’ve designed labels that reflect our individuality and our love for the place where we make our wines, and does it in a way you may just remember.

Rising Star will be bringing –


Wiseman House Chocolates

What makes our chocolates unique?

The answer is simple: real chocolate from origins such as Belgium and Venezuela, fresh ingredients like whipping cream and chopped fruits, natural flavors like crushed coffee beans, all combined with unique liqueurs and spices. We leave out added sugars, glutens, sodium nitrates, and trans fats. The result is a full rich flavor profile, smoother texture, and an indescribable taste. 

Our fine handmade chocolates you will take you back in time, as you enjoy the same richness and flavor that inspired the Ancient Mayans to revere chocolate as the nectar of the gods.


Joe Friddle Art

A member of the Texas Wild Bunch, Texas’ oldest organization of traditional style professional artists, Joe continues to discover outlets to share his painted subjects and evoke warm memories from those who see his work.  His paintings can be found in private collections in many states as well as several countries around the world.  Locally his works can be found at several galleries throughout Texas.


Tex-Mex To Go

Whether you are looking for Mexican, Spanish, Hispanic, Latin or just plain good food, Tex-Mex style Mexican food combines all of these fine cuisines to create some of the best tasting food in the world. The Southwest is known for having the best tasting, authentic salsas in the country! We make our salsas fresh and homemade right here in Houston, Texas in our Texas State Approved commercial kitchen. Our gifts are one-of-a-kind…for the special people in your life.

The Range Restaurant

The Range Restaurant will be serving food all day both days.

The Range in Historic Salado, Texas
An elegant eatery offering some of the finest dining you’ll find in this part of the state. Combining fresh and adventurous fare, Chef Dave Hermann invites you to experience the soulful flavors of the Mediterranean. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic setting or patio dining you’ll find it at The Range in historic Salado, Texas.

Alamosa Wine Cellars


Alamosa Wine Cellars produces wine from warm-climate varietals such as Viognier, Syrah, Tempranillo and Sangiovese. We use all Texas grapes for our wines.

Alamosa is bringing – Amigo White, Texacaia, El Guapo, Amigo Red, & Scissortail.

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Art Schoenig co.

Each of my pieces is hand made using a mixture techniques. I learned a great deal about traditional metal work while apprenticed to an armor maker in Scotland. I have also developed many techniques. I have a strong emphasis on using native Texas gem stones many of which I collect across the state as rough rock. My work is very unique and after twenty years as an artist I have a strong following of clients.
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Haak Vineyards


In every country and every language, great wine is in many of life’s most memorable moments. With deep passion, Haak Winery is dedicated to creating wines of distinction that accompany the memories of all who taste our wines and visit our estate.

As the first and only winery in Galveston County, we are excited to offer you premium wines made in the great state of Texas. We invite you to visit us and our gift shop where we offer daily tours and tastings.

Around the world, milestones are marked with glasses held high. From Haak Winery, here’s to history in the making.

2012 Haak will be pouring: Blanc du Bois Dry, Blanc du Bois Sweet, Malbec, & Madeira

2011 Haak poured: Blanc du Bois Dry, Blanc du Bois Sweet, Malbec, & Madeira

2010 Haak poured: Blanc du Bois Dry, Blanc du Bois Semi-Sweet, Madeira, & Malbec


Sunset Winery

Sunset wines are made from the best available grapes grown in prime viticultural areas in Texas. We produce limited quantities of premium, hand crafted wines. Our goal is to produce wines that we can proudly place on wine lists in the company of well known brands from around the world!


2010 Sunset will be bringing – “Sun Ray” Cabernet Suavignon, “Moon Glow” Merlot, “Twilight Tango” Malbec, “Vintner’s Select” Orange Muscat, & “Rose de Chenin Blanc con Amigos”

2011 Sunset will be pouring: 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, “Twilight Tango” Malbec, Readhead (sweet red), Pink Rainbow


Seifert Cellars

One the shores of sparkling Lake Ivie, just between the high plains and the hill country, we’re making wine for ourselves and our fellow Texans, with a sweetening start, and a tangy twist, and “just enough love from a Princess”.

We think that wine is like art, everyone has their own taste, and none is more right than another-only different.  With our Hot Texas summers lasting 8 months, give or take,– we realize that many of our fellow Texans prefer sweet or semi-sweet wine during this time.  Some folks in the industry may frown on this approach, but we’re from the school where “the customer is always right.”  So,– we hope to do just that—give our customers a choice of wines to drink, and let them decide what’s best.

P.S.  We make dry wines too!

Wine Tastings 2015 : Starlight, Sunset, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier.